Better Off Dead: The Camaro


Better Off Dead is a 1995 movie of American surrealist teen black comedy which is starring John Cusack, and it was written and directed by Savage Steve Holland. It does a fantastic job when telling the story of a high school student who is very suicidal after his girlfriend leaves him shortly before the holidays, Christmas. The film is not exactly a critical or commercial success, but it has definitely been regarded as a cult classic. It also stars Curtis Armstrong, Diane Franklin and Kim Darby. It was released on August 23 in 1985, and it runs for 97 minutes. It made $10.3 million in the box office.

Here is the plot of the movie, and you will also find out where the Camaro comes in.

In a wonderful town called Green Dale in north California, a high school student named Lane Myers is the boyfriend of Beth. He will be dating her for six months, and she breaks up with him just before Christmas. Beth dumps Lane for a handsome guy, who was also the captain of the ski team. His name was Roy Stalin. Roy happens to be a very arrogant bully who rejects Lane at the ski team tryouts. Beth also ends up criticising Lane’s car, which happened to be an old station wagon. Lane actually owns a 1967 Camaro but, he had never been able to get it running so, it sits in his driveway.


Lane is a boy who lives in a suburban development with his mother, who was also a housewife. He also has a little brother. Lane was not someone who could get past Beth’s rejection, and so, he decides that death is the only way to put him out of his misery. He makes a lot of half-hearted attempts at suicide, which fail in a comical manner. With the assitsnace of his best buddy Charles, who was also a drug dealer, Lane tries to ski the K 12, which also happens to be the highest peak in town, in hopes of getting her back, but he wipes out. That is why, Lane is filled with embarrassment. He even gets fired from his fast-food job at pig burgers in front of Roy and Beth who were actually there on a date. To top it all off, he begins to suffer from neurotic hallucinations.

He keeps attempting to either end his life or to get her back, but she actually gets a new girlfriend who was also a foreign exchange student named Monique, who happened to have a crush on him. Monique stays with his overbearing neighbour, who continuously tries to force her to be her awkward son’s girlfriend. Those two are actually really annoying, so she actually pretends not to speak English. This girl, who also happens to be a Los Angeles Dodgers fan and an excellent auto mechanic, helps fix his Camaro and she also helps in building his confidence.

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